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Toshiba Medium Voltage Motors



Need a motor in the hundreds of horsepower range? In the hundreds of thousand? Toshiba also builds medium voltage motors in all sizes for larger projects with higher torque requirements than low voltage can reasonably supply.

We can supply Wound-Rotor, Synchronous, and Induction motors in any enclosure type your project requires. Motors of up to 900 Horsepower are produced locally at our Houston facility. For higher ratings, we can draw on Toshiba's worldwide resources with the best experts and manufacturing facilities in the world.

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Key Features

  • Reliability
  • Sealed Insulation
  • Availability
  • Standard and Premium Efficiency
  • Cast Iron Frames

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TOSHIBA’s vacuum pressure insulation system utilizes the best available materials. The complete stator is impregnated with epoxy resin. Multiple layers of mica tape ground insulation with glass tape outer wrap for mechanical protection. At least seven quality control tests are performed on the coils or assembled stator prior to the vacuum impregnation process.

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The standard motor is designed to pass immersion testing per IEEE-43. Each stator receives two VPI cycles to assure maximum reliability.

The finished stator assembly is impervious to moisture and most chemicals. Testing includes numerous life tests with various chemical solutions. Testing has also included a 100,000 cycle starting/plug reversing test to verify long life of both stator assembly and rotor assembly regardless of starting duty. Quality antifriction bearings assure reliable service. Inner and outer bearing caps retain grease. New grease enters bearing on the motor side. Old grease is forced out, with ample grease trap and removable cover plate. Slingers are standard on TEFC and available on ODP motors. INPRO SEALS are available on request.


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Toshiba International products are manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Toshiba has a complete engineering department at our plant. We can custom engineer solutions to your unique applications and build to your specifications in the same ISO-9001 certified facility in which we build our standard products. If you can't solve your application problem with one of our stock motors, give us a call and tell us what you need. We will help you solve the problem, or direct you to the people who can.

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Motor Design and Quotation Form

Please click the link above and fill out the from in order that OH Electro-Mechanical can help you select the right Motor for your application.

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