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TOSHIBA Industrial Drives


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Toshiba Drives

From the beginning Toshiba has set the standard in Adjustable Speed Drive technology with innovations like Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). First to introduce this technology, Toshiba quickly gained a reputation for high quality, reliability, and product innovations.

Toshiba drives are produced using the highest quality standards and production techniques in our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility. Drives are checked and rechecked at every stage of the production process. In addition, we 100% load-test every unit to ensure exceptional quality, performance, and reliability.

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S 9 Micro Drive


The S9 Micro Drive is powerful and built for Extremes. The S9 is a True Torque drive with up to 250% torque at 1.0 Hz and speed regulation of 0.5%. The S9 also has ONE step automatic tuning and no encoder required! The S9 Drive is also built to last with NOISE SUPPRESSION filters, Extreme Temperature Range (14 - 122 F), Extreme Protection including GFI, short circuit, input phase loss, output phase loss, and speed compensated motor overload and CE approvals.


The S9 Micro Drive can be used on motors from 1 to 20hp @ 460vac and from 1/2 to 20hp @ 230vac. It can give a Three phase output from a single phase input from 1/2 to 3hp. The S9 has zero side clearance for minimal panel space requirements and it can be directly connected to the DC bus for easy configurations. The S9 is also versatile in its software enhancements including Programmable Digital Inputs, Programmable Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Process Set Point Control, Anti-Windmilling Control, Three Wire Stop/Start Operation, Motor Operated Potentiometer and a Palm Pilot interface!


The S9 Microdrive is very simple to operate with Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Rate, True Torque Control, Sink/Source Selectable Logic, DIN Rail mounting, and Motor Speed Search. And if you use the S9 with a Toshiba Motor you get a total system solution for your application

New S9 Manual Available for download!
Toshiba's new S9 drive is shipping! Download the manual and see what the newest drive from Toshiba can do! (PDF file, 5.3 meg.)


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G3 Series

The G3 is an Industrial, True Torque Control, Constant Torque, Adjustable Speed Drive which is available in the following ratings:

200-230 Volts 3/4 to 30HP
380-460 Volts 1 to 350HP
575-600 Volts 1 to 350HP

The G3 is the flagship of the Toshiba ASD line. Loaded with features, the G3 can handle a broad variety of applications like conveyors, pumps, feeders, fans, and centrifuges just to name a few.

Download the G3 Brochure Here.

Download the G3 Manual Here.

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H3 Series

The H3 is an Industrial, True Torque Control, Variable Torque, Adjustable Speed Drive which is available in the following ratings:

200-230 Volts 3 to 30HP
380-460 Volts 5 to 300HP

The H3 is the economical choice for variable torque industrial applications. Features like PID control, automatic energy savings, and low noise operation make the H3 perfect for centrifugal fan and pump applications.

Download the H3 Brochure Here

Download the H3 Manual Here

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